EU’s sole Magnesium Industry Hub in the heart of Europe

Quarry Ops

  • Sustainable surface operations: electrification, community avoidance, and no acid / heavy metals contaminated waters

Processing Ops

  • Innovative technology
  • Green / lowest carbon footprint production

Circular economy

  • Recycling waste streams of aluminum and industrial minerals
  • By-products such as fertilizers, cement, refractories
  • Improve recycling of Magnesium in EU

Environmental protection

  • Hydro, wind and solar power
  • Depleted quarries will be integrated in a water storage / hydro power project
  • Reforestation & Soil remediation

Resilient supply chains

  • Integrated mining and processing
  • Perfectly located to supply the EU’s industrial heartland and create EU’s sole Mg Industry Hub in a special designated industrial park.