• Sole European primary metallic Magnesium producer
  • Sole European Magnesium Industry Hub, attracting major international companies to further invest and develop their production facilities in the specially designated industrial park around Verde’s facilities
  • Increase the production of various industrial minerals to strengthen the supply chains of domestic industry
  • Development of a new industrial sector, a pillar of economic growth
  • Enhancing the revival of mining & processing industry
  • Know-how and cutting-edge technology development in country
  • Bring reputed investors and industrial companies, boosting capital markets
  • Creation of well-paid jobs
  • Reliable long-term development of a marginalized local community
  • Preservation & development of local traditions (organic agriculture, forestry, handcrafts)
  • Active environmental protection: reforestation, renewable power generation, recycling
  • Infrastructure development (roads, utilities, education, sports, etc)
  • Enhance the development of tourism in the area
  • Boost the activity and business opportunities for SME’s in the area

$1 – 3 bn

  • Over 20 years in Romanian government revenues

$0.5 – 1 bn
$5 – 10 bn

  • Direct & Indirect investments

200 – 1,000

  • Direct jobs

Up to 10,000

  • Indirect jobs

Sustainable activity

  • Reliable long-term development